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Default - Render Property

The default render property is the simplest and easiest Appearance render property. It lets you set a single color of an Appearance or add a single texture to a model.

The default render property is the default rendering method used for each Appearance in a DriveWorks 3D Document. This render property can be changed at any point to take advantage of other rendering features.

Render Properties

Properties available on Default render property:

  • Diffuse Color (R, G, B, Alpha)
  • Ambient Intensity
  • Diffuse Intensity
  • Specular Color (R, G, B)
  • Specular Intensity
  • Reflectivity
  • Texture Transforms
    • X Scale
    • Y Scale
    • Angle
  • Texture Offset
    • X Offset
    • Y Offset
  • Diffuse Texture
    • Texture
    • Source File Path

Setting up an Appearance to use the Default render property

In each Appearance there is a property in the Information Panel called Render Properties.

  1. In a DriveWorks 3D Document, navigate to and select an Appearance.
  2. In the Information Panel there will be a drop down of Render Properties.
  3. Select Default from the drop down list.

Using the Default render property

The Default render property can be used in a couple of ways. It can be used to define a color and the specular light of an Appearance or you can define a texture can be provided and the specular light of an Appearance.

The result will be a surface of either a specified color or texture.

Diffuse Color and Specular Color

Simple colors can be applied to the surface of a model. This is the fastest and most performant way to make a model a certain color. You can also use the Diffuse Color to create transparent materials such as glass.

Specular Color is the color of the reflected light off the surface of the model. For example, tinted glass will have a Specular Color similar to the color of the glass itself.


Diffuse Texture and Specular Color

A Diffuse Texture can be applied on the Default render property. This texture will be applied to the areas of the model that use this Appearance.

The Diffuse Texture can be scaled, positioned and rotated using the properties provided. This allows you to scale the texture to fit the model.

Textures allow you to make a model more realistic and add more realism to your 3D scene. This can improve models and make them more life like.

When a Diffuse Texture is applied, it takes the place of Diffuse Color. Diffuse Color will no longer effect the Appearance.

Other Render Properties

DriveWorks has other render properties available to use on an Appearance.

These add different levels of realism to an Appearance.