DriveWorks Pro 17: Refresh Tables [send feedback...]

Refresh Table(s)

The Refresh Tables task will perform a refresh on the specified tables.

Delimit multiple table names with a pipe bar "|" or use "*" for all tables.


Property NameDescription
Table NameThe name of the table(s) to refresh.
TitleChanges the Title (not the name) of the task.


When this task is added the properties are static by default.
See How To: Change A Static Property To A Dynamic Property to enable rules to be built on these properties.

Property NameExample RuleExample ResultMeaning
Table Name"Price List"Price ListThe name of the table(s) to refresh.

Using the Task in a Specification Macro

This task has different types of Outputs. For more information about Outputs see Specification Macros Task Node.

Outputs are only available within Specification Macros. Currently Outputs are not available for Specification Flow.

Status Outputs

This task does not currently support Status Output Navigation.

Please check the Specification Report for details of Success/Warnings/Failure.

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