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How To: Troubleshoot Form Controls (KB12121035)

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How To: Troubleshoot Form Controls

This topic gives solutions to common Form Control errors.

Child Specification List Control

Modifying an existing child opens the wrong Child Specification

Clicking Edit, Copy or Delete on a Specification, in a Child Specification List Control, will modify the last one added to the list.


Each child specification is being created in the same folder.


  • Change the Rule for the Specification Path for each child project.

    The default rule for this setting is DWSpecification.

    This rule will create a unique folder for each Child.

    If you are experiencing this error the default rule will have been overwritten.

    1. Open the child project in DriveWorks Administrator, select Stage 5. Specification Control>Specification Settings.
    2. Click Build for the Specification Path setting
    3. Apply a rule that will locate each child specification in it's own folder.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB12121035