DriveWorks Pro 17: SppSetColumnInTable [send feedback...]


Returns a Table Array with all values set to a given value for the specified column.


SppSetColumnInTable([Table Array],[Column],[New Value],[Exclude Header])


Table Array is a Table Array such as the data in a standard Table or the result of the QueryDataValues Function.

Column is the column on which to set the value. A number starting at 1 for the first column.

New Value is the new value for all rows of the given column.

Exclude Header is TRUE to not set the value in the first row (header), FALSE to set the value for all rows.


SppSetColumnInTable(DWLookupProductData,3,"FALSE",TRUE){"ID","Name","Value","Instock"; "1","Product A","24.99","FALSE"; "2","Product B","13.00","FALSE"; "3","Product C","8200.00","FALSE"; "4","Product D","123.00","FALSE"; "5","Product E","3141.59","FALSE"}Will apply the value "FALSE" for all values except the header in the given table.

Example Data

1Product A24.99TRUE
2Product B13.00TRUE
3Product C8200.00TRUE
4Product D123.00TRUE
5Product E3141.59TRUE

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