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DriveWorks Administrator

What is DriveWorks Administrator

DriveWorks Administrator is a module of DriveWorks Pro that allows you to:

Any solution being implemented in DriveWorks Administrator first requires a DriveWorks Group.

A single user environment can use an Individual Group, this is a very portable option until a multi-user environment is required.

A multi-user environment will require a Shared Group. This is more robust and the most secure option for multiple users and external connections.

Learn about Individual And Shared GroupsLearn how to create a Group

DriveWorks Administrator for Design Automation

Once a Group has been created, a Design Automation solution is implemented by:

1. Capture SOLIDWORKS® Models

2. Create the User Interface, Build Rules & Logic

3. Run Project

  • Run your DriveWorks project over and over again. Enter order-specific design requirements and automatically generate new SOLIDWORKS® models, assemblies, drawings, and BOMs, based on your rules.

    Learn more

DriveWorks Administrator for CPQ

Once a Group has been created, a CPQ solution is implemented by:

1. Add the CPQ DriveApp

2. Apply Currencies, Price Lists, Accounts and Existing Configurators\ Product Catalogs

3. Run the CPQ DriveApp

DriveWorks Administrator for Online 3D Sales Configurator

Once a Group has been created, an Online Sales Configurator solution is implemented by:

1. Design the User Interface (UI)

2. Build Rules & Logic

  • Enter your engineering knowledge into custom rules to automatically control the required outputs using the intelligent DriveWorks Rules Builder.

    Learn how to build Rules

3. Configure Again & Again

The Technology behind DriveWorks

Automating CAD

Save time and reduce errors by automating SOLIDWORKS with DriveWorks. Eliminate repetitive design tasks and free up your engineers to innovate and improve.

DemoRead More

User Interface

The DriveWorks Form Designer makes it easy to create a custom user interface (UI) that matches your company branding and creates a great user experience.

DemoRead More

Data and Rules

See how you can use DriveWorks to create an intelligent rules based design automation and sales configurator solution that meets your specific needs.

DemoRead More


Design an automated workflow to meet your company standards and procedures. Full audit trail with reports and feedback. Control users and group security, permissions and triggered actions.

DemoRead More


Learn more about the different ways DriveWorks handles, shares and re-uses data to provide seamless integration with other company systems.

DemoRead More

DriveWorks 3D

Create interactive online 3D configurators. See how you can use DriveWorks technology to let customers see their custom products in 3D and view the effects of their design changes immediately.

DemoRead More

Reporting and Diagnostics

The Reporting and Diagnostics tools in DriveWorks make it easy to set up and maintain your own DriveWorks Configurator. All reporting and diagnostic tools are in-built and require no setup.

DemoRead More

Installing and Licensing DriveWorks Administrator


Before installing, please read the Installation Checklist to ensure pre-requisites are met.

To follow the installation process, please read Installation Step by Step.

Single Application Deployment

To learn where to install DriveWorks Administrator when used on its own, please read Single Application Deployment.

Multiple DriveWorks Administrator Deployment

To learn where to install DriveWorks Administrator when used collaboratively, please read Multiple DriveWorks Administrator Deployment.

Multi-Application Deployment

To learn where to install DriveWorks Administrator when used alongside other DriveWorks Pro modules, please read Multi-Application Deployment.


About License Codes

Each DriveWorks Pro module, that requires licensing, has its own unique license code which is issued once purchased.

If you have a license code and are unsure which module or license type it is, please read Info: Identify License Activation Codes.

Fixed Licenses

A fixed license is dedicated to the machine the DriveWorks product is installed on.

Learn how to activate a Fixed License.

Network (Floating) Licenses

A network license is held on a central network license server.

Network Licenses are activated and distributed by DriveWorks License Management (a free tool included in the installation package).

Learn how to activate a Network License.

DriveWorks Administrator Checklist

Consider the following before using DriveWorks Administrator: