DriveWorks Pro 17: Rule Profiler [send feedback...]

Rule Profiler

Rule profiling is a collection of rule specific error debugging, performance solving, insight features that allow a user to see what is happening in Specifications.

While active the Rule Profiler will record all events from all Specifications.

It's worth noting that having the Profiler open can have a uniformly negative effect on performance.

This is a DriveWorks Administrator feature only and can be found in the Specification Explorer view.

There are parts of DriveWorks such as Documents, Specification Tasks, and Model Release that can be hard to track and find problems with. There can also be performance issues with Specifications that might take guess work to solve.

Rule profiling provides a solution to these problems.

It also provides more understanding and confidence in what is happening when a Specification is running.

Image of the Profiler

Clicking Pop Out Profiler Window button will put the Profiler into a new window. Clicking Return Profiler to inside Administrator button will return the Profiler back inside DriveWorks Administrator.

Copy Log

The Copy Log button will create a copy of the Profiler Log and coping it to your clipboard.

Clear Log

The Clear Log button will clear the Profiler Log.

Using the Rule Profiler

To activate the Rule Profiler:

  1. In DriveWorks Administrator go to the Specification Explorer and start a new Specification.
  2. Once the Specification is open click the Toggle Profiler button on the Command Bar.

There are three main sections to the Rule Profiler.

  • Event Log
  • Function Usage
  • Rule Usage

Event Log

This provides a chronological log of events that happen in DriveWorks.

There are two main types of events:

  • one off rule changes (either value being set or a calculation changing a value)
  • processes that span over time and contain multiple child events.

Each value based event displays the new value that was set.

The typical pattern that can be see in this view is a value being set and then a series of calculations being made as a consequence of that action. This can be good to know what depends on certain values and to make sure that they are coming out with the right values.

Performance can be gleaned by looking at the duration of each events that is display in seconds at the end of each entry.

Not everything that happens in DriveWorks is captured in this view and as such there may be unaccounted gaps in the log where there is nothing (but time has passed).

Each rule based event can be double clicked to analyze the rule at the time of the event.

Function Usage

This displays the Functions that have been used in all Specifications while the Profiler has been open.

This view is mainly for identifying problem Functions that might be causing slow downs and arguments that might be causing Functions issues.

Each function can be double clicked to see all instances in which it has been called.

Rule Usage

Similar to the Function usage section, the rule usage section displays all named rules from all Specifications.

Each rule can be double clicked to analyze the formula.

The main function of this view is to provide an overview where the hot areas of a Specification are. I.e. where there is a lot of usage.

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