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DriveWorks Pro 22
Salesforce PowerPack

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DriveWorks Labs PowerPacks can be updated more often than the main release.

Please consult the Online Help File for the most up to date information and functionality.

Salesforce PowerPack

The DriveWorks Salesforce Powerpack extends a DriveWorks implementation by adding Salesforce CRM specific functions and tasks.


Once downloaded double click the DriveWorks-SalesforceIntegration-[version number].msi file to begin the installation process. DriveWorks and SolidWorks should be closed while installing the plug-in.

Once installed the plug-in is automatically loaded in DriveWorks.


The plug-in is uninstalled from Windows Programs and Features, and will be listed as DriveWorks Salesforce Integration [version number].

DriveWorks should be closed and restarted once the plug-in has been uninstalled to remove it from the plug-in list in the DriveWorks settings.

Account Login

Account login information is passed to the plugin via variables. The account must be authenticated on the client machine before a valid connection can be established.

Required Variables:

  • SalesForceUserName - Username (usually email account).
  • SalesForcePassword - Password of account concatenated with the authenticated security token.
    Salesforce generates security tokens based on a computers IP address. Therefore the security token must be requested on the same machine you wish to use the plugin from.

    Please see Salesforce - Reset Your Security Token for more information.

  • ConnectToSalesForce - Boolean (True to connect).

Optional Variables:

  • SalesForceWebAddress - If a valid web address is provided then the plugin will try to connect to this address. Otherwise the default SF production site is used.

    This variable is usually used for connecting to sandbox instances.

    A typical URL for this variable would look like:


    Where <DevUrl> is replaced with your development Salesforce website address.

User Defined Functions

Once the Salesforce plug-in is installed the following user defined functions will be available from the rule builder.


Specification Tasks

Once the Salesforce plug-in is installed the following specification tasks will be available from the toolbox (available when creating Specification Macros or editing the Specification Flow).

Create a New Account in SalesforceCreate a New Opportunity in SalesforceCreate a New Quote in Salesforce
Create a New Entry in Salesforce for a Named EntityCreate a New Product in SalesforceDelete A Record In Salesforce
Create a New Price Book Entry in SalesforceCreate a New Contact in SalesforceUpdate An Entry In Salesforce For A Named Entity
Create a New Attachment in SalesforceCreate a New Opportunity Line Item in Salesforce