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DriveWorks Pro 22

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Will return an Array with the headers Name, Path, Extension, Size (in KB) and Date created of all the files within a specified Root Folder.


SppGetFilesByDateCreated([Root Folder],[Search Sub Folders],[Sort Ascending])


Root Folder is the folder from which the files will be retrieved.

Search Sub Folder is whether to include files from all Sub Folders or only retrieve from the Root Folder. TRUE to include all files from Sub Folders and FALSE for only the Root Folder Files.

Sort Ascending is whether to sort files by date in either ascending or descending order. TRUE for ascending and FALSE for descending.


SppGetFilesByDateCreated("C:\MyDocuments\Parts\Cylinders", FALSE,TRUE){"Name","Path","Extension","Size(KB)","Date Created"; "Cylinder","C:\MyDocuments\Parts\Cylinders\Cylinder.SLDPRT", ".SLDPRT",106,"29/05/2018 17:20:16"; "Bracket","C:\MyDocuments\Parts\Cylinders\Bracekt.SLDPRT", ".SLDPRT",64,"29/05/2018 17:22:26"}This will return all the files in the selected location without including Sub Folders sorted by date Ascending.