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How To: Locate And Export DriveWorks Reports (KB13022602)

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How To: Locate And Export DriveWorks Reports

DriveWorks produces reports at various stages during the Specification Process.

These reports give information on the results of rules being processed for driving into the models, and whether the result could be driven into the model or not.

There are two areas where a report can be generated from:

  1. After a Specification has been specified, this is known as a Specification Report.
  2. After a model has been generated, this is known as a Model Report.

Specification Report

A Specification Report is produced from each Transition a Specification can move to after specifying. If the Default Specification Flow is in use this could be on:

  • Save
  • Finish
  • Release

When a Specification moves from one Transition to the next, another Specification Report is produced detailing the events that took place during that Transition.

The first Specification Report will always be listed as Starting Specification based on Project <ProjectName> unless an existing Specification was created using the Copy Operation.

In this case the report will be listed as Copying Specification <SpecificationName> based on Project <ProjectName>.

If a Specification Transitions straight to Release there will only be that one Specification Report.

Subsequent reports are created for any operation performed on a Specification. If the Default Specification Flow is in use these could be:

  • Edit
  • Release

Any number of these reports can exist depending on how many times a Specification had been edited or released. All reports are listed in the order they were created.

Locate a Specification Report

Specification Reports are found in the Specification Explorer from the following DriveWorks Pro modules:

  • DriveWorks Administrator
  • DriveWorks User
  • DriveWorks Autopilot
  1. Select Specification Explorer from the module you want to access the report from.
  2. Select the Specification from the Specification Explorer main window.
  3. Double click the report required to be viewed from the Specification Explorer documents window, the available reports are listed under the Reports heading.

An example of a specification report

Reading a Specification Report

A Specification Report contains information on what took place during the Transition the Specification passed through.

Depending on what was set to be processed during the Transition this is classed as the following:

  • Generating Documents, this details the following:
    • Reading Source File - Location of the source file that the new document has been generated from and whether the source file could be read.
    • Finished Generating Document - The location and name of the new document.
  • Releasing Emails - Indicates if any emails were released to be sent by DriveWorks Autopilot.
  • Construction Information, this details the following:
    • Evaluate Component References, determines if a new, existing or alternative component is used.
    • Releasing Model, itemizes the results of all rules that will be driven into the model.
    • Created Date and Completed Date displays the precise time and date that the report started and finished.

Exporting a Specification Report

A Specification Report can be exported so it can be viewed by anyone that has the DriveWorks Report Viewer installed (installs automatically with any DriveWorks Pro module listed above), without needing to send a complete data set.

  1. Locate the required Specification Report (see Locate the Specification Report above).
  2. Double click to open the report.
  3. Click the Export Report button in the top left of the Report Viewer.

    Specification Report export button

  4. Browse to the location to export the report to and name it.
  5. Click Save.

The Specification is exported as a .drivereport file.

Model Reports

A Model Report is a report that is created when generating Parts and Assemblies.

This is useful when troubleshooting a project as the report will detail specific information on each models generation.

An example of a Model Insight Report

Locate the Model Report

A Model Report is found in the Specification Explorer within Test mode in DriveWorks Administrator when running a Specification. To access this:

  1. Go to the Specification Explorer from "Stage 6" and run a new Specification of the project you want to create the Model Report for.
  2. Click Test Mode on the Command Bar.
  3. Within Test Mode select the Model Rules tab.
  4. Under Models select the model you wish to create a report for.

Reading a Model Report

The Model Report contains information on the processes that Model Generation runs through. Examples of information shown on a Model Report:

  • The name and file path of the model being generated.
  • Whether the model needs to be generated.
  • Whether the model was successfully rebuilt.

Exporting a Model Report

A Model Report can be exported as a .drivemir file so it can be viewed by anyone that has DriveWorks Administrator installed (the reader is automatically installed with DriveWorks Pro). This is useful because it allows you to send an individual Model Report instead of your whole project.

To export the Model Report:

  1. Within the Model Report on the top toolbar click Export Log.
  2. This will open the Save dialog box.
  3. Navigate to the location you wish to save the Model Report.
  4. Name the report file, then Save.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB13022602