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DriveWorks Pro 22
Managing Data for the CPQ DriveApp

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Managing Data for the CPQ DriveApp

The CPQ DriveApp allows you to add and manage data needed for creating custom quotations and orders.

The DriveApp gives you the ability to store data for:

  • Standard and Custom Items, including pricing and item images.
  • Account and Contact information for linking to quotations.
  • Price Lists - including Bulk Pricing discount data.
  • Currencies, including values for exchange rates and currency symbols.
  • Catalog data for creating a permissions based catalog.
  • Address and Territory data, which can be linked with your Accounts and Contacts.

All of the above data can be used for creating custom quotes and orders inside the DriveWorks CPQ DriveApp.

Synchronize Data with Third Party Systems

DriveWorks CPQ Data Synchronization will:

  • Import data from a Third party database into a new CPQ DriveApp on a schedule, based on a last modified timestamp.
  • Synchronize changes made in CPQ, to the Third Party system.

DriveWorks CPQ Data Synchronization can be used to import and synchronize the following record types:

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Items

The CPQ Data Synchronize Tool is used to create a link between DriveWorks CPQ and data stored in a Third Party database.

This means existing data does not require to be manually re-entered to start using DriveWorks CPQ.

It also means any changes made in the Third Party database or in DriveWorks CPQ is synchronized, so data is consistent.

Administering the DriveWorks CPQ Catalog

The CPQ Catalog can be set up to allow users to quickly find the products they are looking for when creating a new custom quotation.

Categorize your products to make them easy to find, grouping similar products together.

The CPQ Catalog Administration Dashboard makes it easy to add both Standard and Custom Items, as well as Categories for them to be accessible from. Custom Items can be linked to a DriveWorks configurator Project, which will be ran if the product is selected from the Catalog.

Once everything has been added to CPQ and the Catalog has been set up, users can add line items to quotations within CPQ