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DriveWorks Pro 20
Sheet Metal Features

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Sheet Metal Features

This document describes the types of rules that can be applied to models that have advanced feature parameters captured.

Driving advanced feature dimensions increases model generation time. Where possible capture feature dimensions (distances, numbers and angles) as dimensions rather than an advanced feature parameter.

During model generation captured dimensions are driven before captured advanced feature parameters. If the advanced feature parameter has also been captured as a dimension the value being driven into the advanced feature parameter will override the captured dimension.

Sheet Metal

ParameterInput TypeDescription
Bend Table File PathPathSets file path for the bend table.

The result is required to be a full path, file name and extension to the table to use for the Bend Table.

Mapped network and UNC paths are supported, for example:

  • "E:\DriveWorks\SheetMetal\Bend Table 2.xlsx"
  • "\\COMP-NAME\DriveWorks\SheetMetal\Bend Table 2.xlsx"

Base Flange

ParameterInput TypeDescription
Bend AllowanceNumberSets the value of the bend allowance
Bend DeductionNumberSets the value of the bend deduction
Bend RadiusNumberControls the bend radius for a sheet metal feature
K FactorNumberSets the K-Factor
Relief RatioNumberControls the thickness for a sheet metal feature
ThicknessNumberControls the thickness for a sheet metal feature
TypeOne of the following values:

Bend Table

K Factor

Bend Allowance

Bend Deduction

Sets the bend allowance type


ParameterInput TypeDescription
Jog PositionIntegerSets the jog position type for the Jog feature.

Select from the following numeric values:

1 = BendCenterLine

2 = MaterialInside

3 = MaterialOutside

4 = BendOutside

Offset DistanceNumberSets the value of the Jog Offset.
Bend RadiusNumberSets the bend radius for the Jog feature.
FixProjectedLengthBooleanSets whether to fix the projected length for the Jog feature.
JogAngleNumberSets the jog angle for the Jog feature.
Reverse DirectionBooleanSets whether to reverse the direction of the Jog feature.
Reverse OffsetBooleanSets whether to reverse the offset of the Jog feature.
Use Default Bend AllowanceBooleanSets whether to use the default bend allowance for the Jog feature.
Use Default Bend RadiusBooleanSets whether to use the default bend radius for the Jog feature.