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Before you import a DriveWorks Solo project, you need to:

  1. Create or open a DriveWorks group into which you want to migrate the DriveWorks Solo project.
  2. Launch the New Project Wizard


Step 1.

Select the option to "Import DriveWorks Solo Project".

In the Location field Browse to an empty directory in which to create the new migrated project.

In the Name filed enter a name for the project to be imported

The Name field will automatically populate with the name of the root folder browsed to in the Location field. This can be changed by entering the name in the Name field.

Click "Finish".

Step 2.Browse for the DriveWorks Solo project to import.
Step 3.

Because the new imported project will be in a different location than the original project, you may have pictures and other files you want copied across to the new project.

Select the directories to copy across by checking them in the tree.

Click "Finish" to start the import and open the imported project.