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DriveWorks Pro 22
Date Picker

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Date Picker


The Date Picker is a form control that allows a date to be selected from an interactive calendar.

The Date Picker appears on a user form as in the image below:

When the user hovers over the control the icon will appear as in the image below:

Once the Date Picker is selected the calendar will pop out from the control, as in the image below:

Once a date is selected from the calendar this will be the value of the control.

Minimum and maximum values can be set on the control to prevent dates outside of those ranges from being selected.

Control properties other than the return value (which returns the selected date) can be retrieved from the control:
  • DatePicker1ListData - Will return the formatted string of the selected date.
  • DatePicker1Default - Will return the format string that has been applied to the selected date.

Appearance Properties

Background ColorCaptionCaption ColorCaption FontFontText Color

Behavior Properties

DateDate (Override Rule)Date FormatDefault ValueEnabledError ResultMaximumMinimumTab IndexVisible

General Properties

(Name)(Tag)Tooltip DurationTooltip Text

Layout Properties

Caption WidthHeightLeftTopWidth

Value can be controlled by a rule.

Value can be controlled by a rule.