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DriveWorks Pro 22
Outline Glow

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Outline Glow

This camera effect will create a glow effect around any model.

Without Outline GlowWith Outline Glow
Image showing no Outline GlowImage showing Outline Glow applied

Outline Glow can be seen on a model displayed in a 3D Preview Control, in the following ways:

  • A temporary glow around a model when the mouse pointer hovers over it.

    This is achieved by applying the Click Macro Entity to the parent node of the group of models that require the glow.

    Please note the 3D Preview Box control must have the Enable Hover property set to True for this to be seen.

  • A constant glow around a model or a glow that is turned on or off by an event, such as a control value changing or the model being clicked.

    This is achieved by applying the Glow Entity to the parent node of the group of models that require the glow.

Enable Outline Glow

Outline Glow is enabled in the Environment Settings.

This will apply common or global glow settings for any Click Macro or Glow Entity that exists on a Model node.

The global color applied here can be overridden in each of the entities.

The global Outline Glow settings that can be applied are:

  • Outline Glow Enabled

    Check to enable Outline Glow.

  • Glow Size

    A number from 0 to 10. Controls the thickness of the glow around the model.

  • Downsampling

    A number from 1 (low) to 4 (high). Controls the quality of the glow effect.

    We recommend setting this to 1.
  • Red

    Controls the amount of red in the glow color.

  • Green

    Controls the amount of green in the glow color.

  • Blue
  • Controls the amount of blue in the glow color.

  • Alpha

    Controls the transparency of the glow.

Steps to Enable Outline Glow

Follow the steps below to see Outline Glow on a DriveWorks 3D model.

  1. In the DriveWorks 3D document select the Environment node.
  2. From the parameter panel, check Outline Glow Enabled.
  3. Set the Alpha channel to be a positive number (somewhere around 50).
  4. Adjust the Red, Green and Blue channels to be the color required.
  5. Apply a Click Macro or Glow Entity to the node that requires the glow.