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Document Rules: Email

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Document Rules: Email

An Email document will send an email (If Auto-Pilot is installed and running) at the earliest opportunity.

Email Rules

Email Details

The Sender Rule must result in a valid email address, for example, click Build... and enter the following:

Sender Rule Example
Sender Rule Example (with Alias)
 "DriveWorks <noreply@acmeengineering.com>"

The Subject Rule controls the subject line of the email, for example:

Subject Rule Example
"Quote for Specification " & DWSpecification

The Attachments Rule is used to attach documents to the email, for example:

Attachments Rule Example
 "\\Data\Models\" & DWVariableDrawingFile & "|\\Data\Corp\TandCRev3.pdf"
Multiple attachments can be separated by using pipe bars as shown in the example above.
It is possible to specify any file created by DriveWorks as an attachment for an email by building an attachment rule with the full path (or a path relative to the default specification folder) to the file that will be created. For example, this could be an eDrawing of a generated SOLIDWORKS file, a document, or any other file created by DriveWorks.

It is possible to control which documents are displayed as an email attachment. This can be done by the file returning the value "Delete".

Email Recipients

Rules can be built for the recipients, carbon-copy recipients, and blind carbon-copy recipients of the email, for example:

Recipient Example
Multiple recipients can be separated by using pipe bars as shown in the example above.

Email Body

To build the email body, enter the text of the message. To insert the value of a rule, select the place where the value should go and click the "Build..." button.

To toggle between preview mode and edit mode, click the "Preview" button.

To edit an existing rule in the body of the email, double click the rule.

Email Body Example
Dear <<=CustomerNameReturn>>,
Please find attached the documents and models generated for this specification.