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DriveWorks Pro 21
Text Builder

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Text Builder

Available from the Functions drop down button only (not available through rules insight)

The Text Builder function is a helper that allows quick entry of many values that require building into a single string of text.


[ItemA] & " " & [ItemB] & " " & [ItemC]


Once all items have been entered into the editor, and finish is selected, the Rule Builder will automatically apply, in between each item, the syntax & " " &

  • Once selected the Help and Diagnostics window switches to the editor for entering items for the text string.
  • Enter text strings within quotes and numbers as values
  • Hit return after each entry to create a joining item of text to include in the string.
  • Click Finish when the list is complete, and then OK to close the Rule Builder

Example entries

TypeEnter the following into the Text Builder EditorNotes
Text"My Text"Enter the text within quotes
Number2Enter the number value only
Variable, Constants, Form ControlsDWVariableMyVariableSelect the Variable, Constant or Form Control from the corresponding browser window