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DriveWorks Pro 22
Network License Server

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This topic refers to the network licensing of the following products only:
  • DriveWorks Administrator
  • DriveWorks User

For information regarding the licensing of DriveWorks Live, please refer to License Manager DriveWorks Live.

Network License Server

This topic will explain how to set up the License Manager to be the License Server for network licenses of DriveWorks Pro modules installed on your network.

New Versions

Each new version of DriveWorks License Management will host and serve earlier version DriveWorks licenses.

Launch DriveWorks License Management

The License Management Tool is launched from:

Windows Start Button> All Programs> DriveWorks{Version Number}> Tools> DriveWorks License Management (OS type)

Configuring the Network License Server

Launch DriveWorks License Management and select the Network License Server tab.

From the Server Control section click Start Service. The Network License Server in now running.

To Change the Port Number for Network License Discovery

  1. If the Network License Service is running click the Stop Service button
  2. Increment the Port number to use in the Port field to another number.
  3. Start or restart the service.