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DriveWorks Pro 22
Item List Editor

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Item List Editor

Property Type: Fixed

Default Value: null

Launches the Item List Editor.

Check list

To apply values in the Item List Editor your project must contain the following:

  • A Dialog Form created in Form Navigation
  • The dialog form must contain at least one control that can be applied to the Item List control
1With the Item List control selected in the Form designer, select the Items property and click the build button to launch the Item List Editor.

Select the dialog form to use.

All forms that do not have any navigation will be available for selection.

If more than one form is selected the user, during specification, will be presented with an extra dialog to confirm which dialog form is required to be shown.

2With the dialog form selected click Build Rule to build a rule for the Item Name value.
Naming is optional but will allow the selections made to be used as a table.
Name and Type (the name of the dialog form) columns can be hidden during specification.
3Select the Item List Values tab.

Enter the name of the columns that are required to be displayed in the control.

Click Add after each one is entered.

Item Values can be re-ordered or removed by selecting the value and clicking the Move Up/Down or Remove buttons.
4Select the Control Bindings tab.

For each Item Value select a control that exists on the dialog form.

Click OK when done.

Form Design

A type of control property where the value can only be set in the Form Designer (not by a rule).

A user form without any connections that link it to the start and finish form navigation flags.

A dialog form can be displayed during specification in one or more of the following ways:

  • Using the Dialog Button
  • Using the Item List control
  • Using the Frame Control

The Dialog Button and Item List controls will launch the dialog form as a modal window (requires user interaction before returning to the main navigation). With DriveWorks Administrator and DriveWorks User this will be in the form of a pop up window that sits in front of the main specification window. With DriveWorks Live this will launch within the same specification window, that will return to the main specification when closed.

A dialog form launched from the Dialog Button or Item List controls can navigate to other dialog forms.

A dialog form launched within the Frame Control cannot navigate to any other dialog forms within the same frame control.