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This topic explains how to license DriveWorks Pro which you will need to do when it is first launched.

Before You Begin

If you are on a network managed by an IT Department, you may be behind a proxy, in which case you may need to find out your proxy details from whoever runs your network.


When a DriveWorks product is purchased a License code (also referred to as an activation code) is issued.

This code is then activated over the internet, to allow the DriveWorks product to run.

Example of a DriveWorks License code:

See Info: Identify License Activation Codes for more information on activation codes.

License Types

The table below shows the available license types for each DriveWorks Pro module.

DriveWorks Pro ModuleLicense Type AvailableNotes
DriveWorks Administrator 
DriveWorks User 
DriveWorks Autopilot 
DriveWorks Live

See Licensing DriveWorks Live for more information.

DriveWorks 3D ViewerNot Required

DriveWorks 3D Viewer is a free tool included in the DriveWorks installation package.

It can also be downloaded from www.driveworks.co.uk

It allows DriveWorks 3D (.drive3d) and many other 3D formats to be viewed.

DriveWorks 3D Viewer does not require a license or activating to run.

DriveWorks Pro Server

Not Required

Pro Server is a free tool included in the DriveWorks installation package.

It is used to manage the database server that hosts DriveWorks shared groups.

DriveWorks Pro Server does not require a license or activating to run.

DriveWorks Tools
  • Data Management
  • Group Upscale
  • License Management
Not RequiredThese tools are included in the DriveWorks installation package and do not require a license or activating to run.

Fixed License

A Fixed License is dedicated to the machine the DriveWorks module is installed on.

Activation can be completed automatically on that machine if it is connected to the internet, or manually if not.

See Add a Fixed License to add and activate a Fixed License.

Network License

A Network License is held on a central Network License Server.

Network Licenses are activated and distributed by DriveWorks License Management (a free tool included in the installation package).

Each machine that needs to use the DriveWorks product must have the product installed but activating a Network License is done on the machine DriveWorks License Management is installed on.

The machine using a network license must have a constant connection to the machine hosting the License Manager.

See To Add Licenses to the Server to add and activate a Network License.

Centralized License

Centralized Licenses are available for DriveWorks Live only.

DriveWorks Live allows a DriveWorks configurator to be run in a browser on any device.

DriveWorks Live licensing is flexible to encourage usage and spread the cost.

Time spent interacting with the configurator is a session. A session starts when a user first interacts with DriveWorks in a browser. A session ends when the user logs out of the configurator.

The length of time the session stays active if the user simply closes the browser can also be set.

With DriveWorks Live, you can have many browser sessions running at the same time on the same or different devices and these are referred to as concurrent sessions.

A Centralized License controls the number of allowable concurrent sessions.

Centralized Licenses are served from the DriveWorks Live License Manager.

See Licensing DriveWorks Live to add and activate a Centralized DriveWorks Live License.

OnDemand License

OnDemand Licenses make it easy to add more concurrent sessions when demand dictates.

OnDemand licensing can be purchased to cover peaks in usage and ensure your configurator is always accessible and gives you maximum flexibility.

An OnDemand License allows an overrun on top of the available DriveWorks Live Centralized Licenses.

They are a cost effective way to cover peaks in usage and are ideal when attending trade shows, running promotions or just being unable to predict how and when your configurator will be used.

The OnDemand license includes a call home feature allowing the usage over time to be monitored.

DriveWorks will send a monthly summary showing daily peak session limit.

A cap can be set on the OnDemand license to ensure costs are within a defined limit.

The image below is an example showing a cap of 50 (OnDemand) concurrent users, additional to 30 (Centralized) concurrent sessions purchased (80 total). If only 40 additional sessions are reached for a day this is what is reported and charged.

See Licensing DriveWorks Live to add and activate an Ondemand DriveWorks Live License.


A license requires activating to allow the DriveWorks Pro module to be used.

There are 2 methods of activating each license type:

  • Automatic Activation - The easiest method of activating the license. Requires an internet connection on the machine requiring the activation.
  • Manual Activation - Requires transfer of xml files that contain the licensing and activation information between the machine being activated and a machine with an internet connection.

Return a License

All DriveWorks Licenses can be returned to be re-activated on another machine.

This can be done a maximum of twice in a 24 hour period.

Returning Licenses is done from the DriveWorks License Manager. See To Return a License for more information.