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DriveWorks Pro 22
Specification Macros Connection Points

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Specification Macros Connection Points

Connection Points are used to make Connections between Nodes.

There are two types of Connection Points:

  • Navigation - represented by a green orb
  • Data - represented by a black orb

Please see Specification Macros Connections for information on Connections.


Each Node has various Connection Points that can be connected to other Nodes.

The types of available Connection Points on each Node are described in the article Specification Macro Nodes

DriveWorks will execute all valid Tasks from the first available route before backtracking and checking for all other valid Tasks.

For Example:

When three Tasks are all connected to the Start Node and all are then connected to a fourth Task, DriveWorks will execute the first and fourth Tasks first (the most direct route) before executing the second to fourth and third to fourth Tasks.