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DriveWorks Pro 22

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DriveWorks 18 delivers brand new features and enhancements, in the following areas:

Usability & UX

  • Focused visual updates and enhancements add further functionality to user-friendly improvements across DriveWorks

DriveWorks 3D

  • Animation for 3D model previews, enhanced performance. Increase your models interactivity with Sprites, VR and accurate surface reflections

Design Automation & PDM

  • New and updated generation tasks, functions, model reporting and PDM tasks to utilize the full potential of design automation in DriveWorks


  • Suggestions and revisions from users in the DriveWorks Community and our developers support progressive simplification and management of enterprise wide deployment

Continuous improvements, to our usability and user experience, making DriveWorks even more interactive and intuitive

  • Generation and Specification reports updated with:

    • Functional color coding
    • Error count displayed on delete reports dialog
    • Improved error count status indicators
    • Improved scrolling, column re-sizing behavior
    • Indented items
    • Expand/collapse buttons on both the report viewer and the context menu
    • Expand/collapse icons moved to the left of each report entry
    • Start/end dates displayed
    • Timings displayed in milliseconds
    • Verbosity level displayed in report header
  • Launch the Delete reports dialog in Data Management by right clicking on the report

  • Preset and personal filters in reports can be modified to filter specific keywords

  • Status bars in Generation Tasks and Specification Macros display more detailed information

  • Save Configuration available from the Summary screen (Pack and Go/Copy Group)

  • Archive a specification straight from Data Management

  • Autopilot performance improvements for logging, sorting, buttons, sizing, filtering, exporting and categorized tagging

  • Verbose Logging available for Autopilot Log

  • An Autopilot machines Triggered Actions function can be adjusted remotely from a DriveWorks Administrator machine

  • Model Explorer displays Master Path, Released Date and any Flags applied to a model that is being generated

  • Emails have been modified to include; quick filters, updated tags, new buttons, options, sorting and queuing

  • Repositioned Project Open/Close options to top of Project drop down

  • Sorting of columns in the Rule Builder have been improved

  • Initial States are labeled (bottom right corner) with the state they are currently running

  • Login dialog will prompt for credentials again if invalid ones are entered, when extracting a .drivepkg file in Data Management (incorrect login used to force stop .drivepkg extractions)

  • Nodes have been updated, categorized and reorganized

  • Tool tip added to display node type when hovering over a node

  • Macros created in DriveWorks pre version 16 will offset any nodes where the connections overlap

  • Sorting applied can be used for any list view until the application is closed

  • Pro servers performance updated when Forcing Ownership of a Group

  • Table data mode is enabled

  • Calculation tables and special variables are organized alphabetically

  • Character limit length increased to 245 for tables

  • Status Outputs applied to more Specification Macro tasks

  • Specification macro warning dialogs provides more specific details for troubleshooting elapsed model generation time

  • Invalid connection points are dimmed when using a specification macro

  • Initial state in specification flow will automatically default to running

  • Specification flow will dismiss attempts to add initial states to automatic or paused states

  • Read only projects are prevented from opening in DriveWorks

  • New Specification Flow Templates added.

  • DriveWorks Today can now switch to and from a Tree View mode, this provides a hierarchical view of recent groups and their projects. Any project images will be displayed

  • ListGetItems function added, returns the specified items from a list of items

  • Add/delete forms from the form designer context menu

  • Edit a variable from the Rule drill down

Automated animation, improved optimization and further customization available for 3D models

Automate your designs with new PDM tasks and functions

  • Zoom to Fit properties added to generation tasks

  • Save images of multiple drawing sheets

  • Set the positions of multiple annotations driven from a table

  • Set Instance State can be hidden/shown/suppressed/unsuppressed

  • Rescale And Position View accepts a list of preferred scales for generated drawings

  • Delete configurations and Delete features tasks added

  • Enhanced PDM support and integration, including:

    • Function added to return serial number generators for the PDM vault in use

    • Task added to create an empty folder in a PDM vault

    • Task added to assign and return the next available serial number for a given serial number generator

    • Function to search a PDM vault for files based on search criteria

    • New additions to tasks enable specified sub-folders to be checked in/out of a PDM vault

    • Tasks and functions can be stalled by disabling the PDM plugin

    • Get Latest on a project if it's located in a PDM vault prior to running a specification

    • Option added to Get Latest on overwrite

    • The PDM plugin can be set up to check folder watcher files providing the file path is in the specified PDM vault

    • Populate folders data cards

    • Retrieve data card properties from files

    • Group specific settings can be saved for multiple users when setting up PDM

    • Check In comments available for files

    • Check in/out .driveprojx and .drivegroup files from the Administrator interface

New tools and features simplify enterprise wide deployment and management of DriveWorks.