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DriveWorks Pro 22
Carbon Fluid Skin

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Carbon Fluid Skin

The Carbon Fluid skin is available for selection from the Web Theme.

Carbon Fluid Skin Characteristics

SkinHeader ImagePage WidthPage AlignmentPage colorBackground Color/ImagePage Scroll Behavior
Carbon Fluid950pxCentre#333333#333333Entire page scrolls

To Change the Skin used in the Web Theme

To select a different Skin follow the steps below:

DriveWorks Administrator is required to be run as an administrator when modifying the theme files. To do this:

  1. Ensure DriveWorks Administrator is not currently running.
  2. Locate DriveWorks Administrator launch icon from Windows start menu> All programs> DriveWorks <Version and Service Pack Number>.
  3. Hold down Shift key and Right click the icon.
  4. Select Run as administrator.
  1. Select Personal Web Edition from the task explorer of DriveWorks Administrator
  2. Click Start to start PWE in a web browser, PWE will default to the /Login page at the address http://localhost:8020
  3. When the Log in screen appears in your browser enter your credentials.

    The credentials used to Login must have the setting Administer Group Security applied.

    See the section To Edit a Team's Members and Permissions in the topic Security Settings for more information.

  4. Click Login.

    The address bar of your browser will display http://localhost:8020/

  5. Once logged in, type setup at the end of the current address shown in the browser address bar, click Go to or hit Return to go to the address.
    The address bar of your browser will now be http://localhost:8020/setup/Default.aspx

    The setup page below will now be displayed.

  6. Click the skins link from the page navigation just under the DriveWorks Live Setup heading.

    The skins.aspx page will now be displayed.

  7. Click the Preview link under the required skin to open a new page that displays how the skin will look.
  8. Return to the skin.aspx page and click the Apply link, under the required skin, to apply the selected skin to the theme.

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