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Decodes a Base64 encoded string to plain text.

This function takes the Base64 String and decodes using UTF-8 (unless specified otherwise).

When an Encoding argument is specified the value must be a name from Microsoft - Encoding Class list (for example Windows-1252).


SppBase64EncodeUrlSafe([Base64 String], [Encoding])


Base64 String is the Base64 encoded string to decode.

Encoding is the name of the encoding to use for decoding the string.

UTF-8 encoding will be used by default. In order to successfully decode the string to plain text, the same character set used when the string was encoded should be specified.


SppDecodeBase64String("bGl0dGxlIGJyb3duIGZveA==")little brown foxThe Base64 string is decoded using UTF-8 encoding.
SppDecodeBase64String("bGl0dGxlIGJyb3duIGZveA==", "Windows-1252")little brown foxThe Base64 string is decoded using Windows-1252 encoding.


The function Base64Encode converts a string to Base64Encode.

See Microsoft - Encoding Class for a list of supported encodings.