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Export Variables From Category to Text File

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Export Variables From Category To Text File

This Specification Flow Task will export the Variables in a specified category to a text file.


Property NameDescription
TitleChanges the Title (not the name) of the task.
Category NameName of the category to export
DelimiterCharacter to use between the name and the value on each row (= by default)
Export PathFull path, including extension, of the file that the Variables will be exported to
Include Variable NameTRUE to include variable names in the text file


When this Task is added the properties are static. To be able to build rules on a static property see How To: Change A Static Property To A Dynamic Property.

Property NameExample RuleExample ResultMeaning
Category Name"Common"CommonThis is the name of the Variable category that will be exported.
Delimiter"#"## will the be the character used to separate name and value on each row. Leaving this blank uses =.
Export Path"C:\MyDocuments\Export\VariableInCommon.txt"C:\MyDocuments\Export\VariableInCommon.txtThis is the Full path including the extension to where the file is to be created.
Include Variable NameTRUETRUETRUE will include the Variable Name in the created Text file. FALSE will not.