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Import Project

Projects can be imported from other DriveWorks groups (individual or shared) from DriveWorks version 7 onwards.

This feature will copy the project from the source group and not move it. Therefore the project being imported will remain unchanged in the source group.

Follow the steps below to import a project.

Step 1



With the group open, to import into, in Data Management:


  1. Select the Projects task from the Data Management task explorer.
  2. Click the Import Project button

Or B

  1. Select DriveWorks Tasks from the Data Management task explorer.
  2. Click the Import Project task.
Step 2

Click the Browse button to open the Group wizard.

This allows an individual group to be located and opened or a shared group to be connected to.

Step 3

Once the group that contains the project to be imported has been selected enter the log-on credentials for that group

Click Log-on

Step 4

Select the project to be imported from the Project list.

Only one project can be imported at a time.

Click Next

Step 5

Browse to the Project Folder the imported project is to be located.

This can be the same location as an existing project but the imported project must have a unique name.

Enter the Project Name for the imported project.

By default the Project Folder name will be populated in this field. This can be changed if it is undesirable.

Click Next

Step 6

Select the Additional Files to import

All files and sub folders of the project folder will be included by default.

Click Next

Step 7The Import Summary screen will summarize the project to be imported, the location and name of the imported project and any components that will be imported with the project.