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DriveWorks 18 SP2 Enhancements

DriveWorks 18 SP2 delivers brand new features and enhancements, in the following areas:


Suggestions and revisions from users in the DriveWorks Community and our developers support progressive simplification and management of enterprise wide deployment.

  • SOLIDWORKS 2021 is fully supported with the release of DriveWorks 18 SP2.
  • Integration Theme Examples (DriveApps) updated the rendered forms to fill the screen by default.
  • Integration Theme Settings - default values for groupTimeout and specificationTimeout have been improved.
  • Integration Theme Examples (Corporate Website) - For errors which cause the user to be redirected back to the login screen, a return URL is now passed to restore their previous position following a successful login.
  • Integration Theme - All shipped Client SDK Examples have: optimized code, clearer help comments, additional warning for empty configuration. Removed Internet Explorer support.

Usability & UX

Focused visual updates and enhancements add further functionality to user-friendly improvements across DriveWorks.