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Appends a value to an existing constant (only runs in a specification).

Please take care, when implementing this function, that an infinite loop is not inadvertently created.

This can occur when:

  • The constant is referenced in other rules, which continuously recalculate as each rule updates.
  • The function is used in a macro which is dependent on the value of the constant.

Creating an infinite loop will severely slow a project or cause System.OutOfMemory exception messages when the project is run.


SppAppendValueToConstant([Constant Name],[Value to Append])


Constant Name is the name of an existing constant.

Value to Append is the value to append to the existing constant value.


SppAppendValueToConstant("SelectedHeight",HeightReturn)585Will append the height from the form control Height to the constant SelectedHeight.
The prefix DWConstant can be applied but is not necessary.
The constant name is required to be declared as a text string within quotes (" ").