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Info: Where To Store DriveWorks Data (KB12121010)

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Info: Where To Store DriveWorks Data

This topic discusses where the data, associated to a DriveWorks implementation, can be stored.

For information about all the file types associated to a DriveWorks implementation please see Info: DriveWorks File Extensions.

Local Drive

Storing all DriveWorks data on a local drive (a hard drive installed on the same machine running DriveWorks) is suitable for a Single Application Deployment only.

DriveWorks will generate a large amount of data (particularly when automating SOLIDWORKS files).

This will cause a local drive to fill up very quickly.

We recommend locating generated data on a network drive.

When moving to a Multi-Application Deployment each DriveWorks Pro module requires the same file path access to all of the data.

Moving data from a local drive to a network is a straight forward process, see How To: Move DriveWorks Data for more information.

UNC Network Resource

A UNC path is the preferred method for accessing DriveWorks files over a network.

This method is recommended for all deployment scenarios but particularly so when using DriveWorks Live.

The location of a file on a UNC network path would typically look like:


Mapped Network Drive

Using a mapped network drive is adequate for an in house Multi-Application Deployment.

However, for an external deployment (using DriveWorks Live or external DriveWorks Users connecting over a VPN) a UNC Network Resource is more suitable.

When multiple computers require access to the files on the network location, identical mapped drives must be created on each computer.

The location of a file on a mapped network drive would typically look like:


This must be identical on each machine a DriveWorks Pro module is used on.

Network instability can cause mapped drives to frequently disconnect.

This will cause issues when accessing the data DriveWorks relies on.


SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional is a fully supported file storage method.

Please see SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional plugin Settings for more information.

Cloud Storage

These types of file storage solutions are unsuitable for storing DriveWorks data.

Providers of cloud storage solutions include:

  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox

Typically these solutions utilize synchronization methods that will cause file access issues.

Some of the solutions will also cause issues with the file paths of the DriveWorks data.

Enterprise Cloud Services

Providers of cloud services include:

Cloud services will offer secure enterprise-grade cloud file storage.

DriveWorks supports this type of file storage, however please check with the vendors of any other application that require access to the files (SOLIDWORKS for example) for compatibility.

Ensure the service is configured for the fastest read/write speeds.

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