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DriveWorks Pro 22
3D Preview - General Enhancements

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3D Preview - General Enhancements

Default Rotation and Zoom Property

A default rotation and zoom can be applied to the 3D Preview control.

This allows the initial view of the 3D file to be controlled.

The value applied to the property are in the order:

Horizontal Rotation | Vertical Rotation | Zoom Distance

For example: 90|45|50

By default, the property value is static as shown however if the property is made dynamic, so that its value can change based on form control values, then the 3D preview control rotation and zoom will be updated when the rule result changes.

This means that the rotation and zoom of the control can be driven by other form controls (For instance having a slider that rotates the model)

Camera View

The 3D Preview control use a camera view when rotating .drive3d files.

This gives a more natural experiencing for manipulating the view in the 3D Preview control.

Run 3D Preview Task

The Run 3D Preview task will force the named 3d Preview control to preview.

This task will allow a custom preview button to be styled by using a macro button with this task applied.

Run 3D Preview Properties

Property NameDescription
Preview Control NameThe name the 3D Preview control to run.
TitleChanges the Title (not the name) of the task.

3D Document Option to Create .drive3d File

DriveWorks 3D File documents have an option to create a .drive3d file upon completion.

By default only the configuration (.drive3dcfg) file will be created.

To create a .drive3d file select the Create Drive3D checkbox in the Output File area for the 3D Document.

On Preview Completed Macro Property for 3D Preview Box

A 3D Preview can be run in Autopilot mode, which is where the model is round tripped through SOLIDWORKS before being displayed in the 3D Preview Box.

The On Completed Preview Macro property allows you to choose a macro that will run when the 3D Preview has finished being generated through Autopilot.

This macro will only run when the 3D Preview Box is set to use Autopilot mode and will not run when using File or Document mode.