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Will return a GUID.

A GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) is almost guaranteed to be unique, even without a central authority to ensure uniqueness. They are used to identify different things across different systems with a minute chance of collision. This is not only related to databases, they can be used for creating unique file names.


SppIsGUID([Recalculation Trigger])


Recalculation Trigger is the value that will recalculate the function each time it changes.


RuleExample ResultMeaning
SppNewGUID()85f36089-a349-4810-a08b-4116b59e1865Will return a GUID in the format 85f36089-a349-4810-a08b-4116b59e1865.
SppNewGUID(DWConstantGUIDRecalc)85f36089-a349-4810-a08b-4116b59e1865Will return a GUID in the format 85f36089-a349-4810-a08b-4116b59e1865, which will be recalculated each time the constant DWConstantRecalc changes.