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Returns a table containing all Specifications that match the specified State name.


GetGroupSpecifications([Sort Descending],[Include Archived],[Include Specification Properties],[State Name])


Sort Descending is TRUE to sort by last modified date in descending order, FALSE to order ascending.

Include Archived is TRUE to include archived Specifications, FALSE to exclude.

Include Specification Properties is TRUE to include the Specification Properties, FALSE to exclude them.

State Name (optional) is the name of the State in which a Specification must be in to be included.


GetGroupSpecifications (TRUE,FALSE,FALSE,"Completed"){"Id","Name","Current State","State Type","Date Created","Date Modified","Project Name","Path","Created By","Last Edited By","Date Created Integer","Date Modified Integer"; "9","MyProject 0009","Completed","Paused","15/07/2020","15/07/2020","MyProject","D:\DriveWorks\MyProject 0009\DriveWorksFiles\MyProject 0009.drivespec","Admin","Admin","44027.3605868866","44027.3605885764"}Will return an Array of all Specifications, excluding archived Specifications.

Returned Array In Table Format

IDNameCurrent StateDate CreatedDate ModifiedProject NamePathCreated ByLast Edited ByDate created IntegerDate Modified Integer
9MyProject 009Completed15/07/202015/07/2020MyProjectD:\DriveWorks\MyProject 0009\DriveWorksFiles\MyProject 0009.drivespecAdminAdmin44027.360586886644027.3605885764