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Replacement Models

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Replacement Models

Replacement Models provide an easy way to specify models which can replace the assembly or part against which they are registered.

For example, if you have a variety of different feet for a table leg, you could add each one as a replacement model of the foot that is already in the table leg assembly, and then use rules to choose which one of them to use.

As well as replacing a model with one of a fixed set of replacement models, you can also replace a model with another model which is also driven by DriveWorks, for more information about using replacement models, and some advanced scenarios, check out the How To: Replace a Component With a Static or Driven Replacement Model help topic.

If you have a lot of replacement models, you can use the search box to filter the list.
You can double click a replacement model to open it in SOLIDWORKS.

Show only missing

This option will display the captured parameters that are missing.

A missing parameter is one that is captured but has since been removed or renamed in SOLIDWORKS.

Show only missing - uncheckedShow only missing - checked
The images used above show missing dimensions, the principle is identical for Replacement Models.

Adding a Replacement Model

To add a replacement model to the part or assembly, simply click the "Browse..." button and browse for the part or assembly to add.

Removing a Replacement Model

To remove a replacement model from the part or assembly, select the model in the list, and click the "Remove" button.

DriveWorks Quick Tips

DriveWorks Quick Tips: Replace Feature

Let’s say you have an assembly for a dresser that can have two different doors. You don’t really want to make two different DriveWorks projects for the same assembly, you would rather just have DriveWorks replace the door for you. Now if only there was a video explaining how it could be done…

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See also

How To: Replace An Instance With A Driven Replacement Model

How To: Replace a Component With a Static or Driven Replacement Model

Available for a captured part or assembly. A part or assembly which can replace the part or assembly against which it is captured.