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DriveWorks 10 includes many exciting new features that will greatly enhance the administration of your implementation.


Due to an update in SOLIDWORKS 2013 it is no longer possible to have more than one DriveWorks Add-In loaded in SOLIDWORKS at any one time.

Group Setup

New features added to the Group Setup task of DriveWorks Administrator include:

  • Group Tables - Add tabular data at Group level that all projects have direct access to.
  • Group Table Permissions - Set Team permissions for View, Edit or None for each Group Table added to the Group.

Rules Builder

Variables can now be created and edited directly from the Rules Builder.

Previously variables could only be created from the define variables task, meaning the current task had to be exited so a variable could be put in place.

See Create Variables From The Rules Builder for more information.

Existing Variables, used within a rule being edited, can be modified directly from the Rule Builder.

See Edit Variables From The Rules Builder for more information.

New Special Variables allow the collection of device, system and language information from the device accessing the DriveWorks projects. See the following links for more information:

User Interface

Form Design has many new features, including the ability to see all controls on every form directly from the form designer via the new Control Tree. See Control Tree for more information.

Formatting can be applied to the text in the Label control and the new Tooltip property, which displays optional tooltips for each control back to the user. See Label Formatting for more information.

The new Data Table control presents tabular data onto a form that can be selected by the user. See Data Table for more information.

A tooltip property has been added to all relevant form controls. This allows user feedback when a control is hovered over during the running of a specification. See Tooltips for more information.

Specification Control

The enhancements to the Specification Control Stage in the task explorer include the following:

The Specification Macro UI has been redesigned to be more intuitive.

New task added to the toolbox (for Specification Macros and Specification Flow) allow new users to be created and added to the Group Security from a running specification. See the following links for more information:

Output Rules

The Output Rules stage in the task explorer now allows drawing parameters and model parameters to be viewed simultaneously by combining them both under the Model Rules task. See Drawing Rules for more information.

Two new document types are available from the Documents task.

  • Export to Group Table
  • Export to Simple Table

See What's New Data Export for more information.

Data Management

A DriveWorks Tasks page has been added to the task explorer. This allows quick access to common data management tasks that were previously incorporated within separate tasks within the UI.

Filtering has been implemented throughout DriveWorks Administrator, and is also relevant within each task in Data Management.