DriveWorks Pro 17: Specification Macro Nodes [send feedback...]

Specification Macro Nodes

A Specification Macro is a collection of Nodes that are connected to each other to execute simple and complicated arrangement of pieces of logic.

A Node is represented by a rectangular block that can be dragged around in the Specification Macros Editor.

A Node can be of different types:

The Anatomy of a Node

All Nodes will share similar features in terms of how they look and how they work.

Nodes are shaped like rectangular blocks and all have an icon, an editable name and a help button.

Clicking on the Help Button will show a list of the Node's Properties and Outputs with their respective descriptions.

To dismiss the Help window:

  • Click the black cross icon in the top-right corner
  • Click anywhere in the dimmed background
  • Press the Esc key on your keyboard

Node's Inputs and Outputs

Most Nodes will have Inputs and Outputs, represented by colored orbs called Connection Points.

Connection Points can be used to create Connections.

Node's Inputs

All inputs will be placed on the left-hand side of the Node.

These include:

  • The Node's Navigation Input
  • The Node's Data Inputs with one Input per Property

Properties can be of different types and show their respective Property Editors.

Node's Outputs

All Outputs will be placed on the right and bottom sides of the Node.

These include:

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