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Group Templates

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Group Templates

Two Templates are available from the Create New Group wizard, these are:

  • Catalogue Template
  • Contract & Products

Each template will create a new individual group, containing projects that have been set up to give you a head start in your implementation.

From the wizard:

  1. Select the required template and click Next.
  2. Browse to a location to store the new Group. Enter a name and click Save.
  3. Click Next, and then click Finish once all the setup is complete.

Catalogue Template

The Catalogue Template provides a starting point to build a catalogue style sales configurator for your products.

Products added to the project are given information such as images and price so they can be purchased through the included shopping basket.

The template utilizes Group and Calculation Tables, making product information straightforward to add and easy to transmit to the outputs you require.

Catalogue Template Project

The Template creates a project named Catalogue Template.

All of the headers and images, on the user forms, are placeholders that can be modified at any point.


All of the headers/titles are Label controls on the forms. These can be edited and modified at any point.


All of the images are placeholders. The pictures use Picture Box controls on the form that can be changed and customized to suit your needs.


On the Home form there is a Label (GeneralText) that contains generic text. This should be modified to contain text specific to your company and products.

Each product has a set of labels that can be edited from the Admin panel.

Admin Section

When logged in as an Administrator the Admin section is available. The Admin section allows products to be added, edited and removed from the catalogue.

Each product can be assigned a Category, Sub-Category and a Product Name.

Description, Product Features and Keywords can also be included. The Keywords are a pipe separated list of values. These values are used to search for the product in the catalogue.

Additionally each product can be given a set of Related Products, Unit Price, Discount and a Picture or 3D Model.

Stored Data

The project stores all of its data in Group Tables. Each Product is stored in the ProductData Group Table. Every time you add or update a product within the catalogue this table gets updated.

When a catalogue item is added to the users basket, the project adds a table entry to the BasketItems Group Table. Basket data is stored based on the Specification Id to ensure each specification has its own basket.

Folder Structure

The template will create a number of folders relative to the location of the project. Each of these folders contain a ReadMe file with information about its use.

The folders are mainly used for Catalogue Category, Product and Form Images.

Contract & Products

This DriveWorks Template Group creates two Projects that work together in a hierarchy of Projects. It is designed to give the user a kick start into using DriveWorks. It creates forms that adapt to the size of the device being used as well as passing data to and from the Contract Project and the Product Project.

Contract Project

The Contract Project is the top level of the two Projects. When used in a specification it allows you to browse for other Projects, view products that have been specified and enter customer details.

All of the information entered into the "Your Details" tab is used in a quotation document. The quotation document also lists every item that has been specified and added to the Contract.

Form Design

The Form Design makes use of a number of features of DriveWorks Pro. It adapts to the size of device being used, rearranging and resizing the content so that it fits everything from a Desktop computer screen to a mobile device.

All of the images are designed to be replaced with your own and the layout of the Forms are easy to adapt to your own style.


The Contract Project uses a DriveWorks Pro Roll Up table to combine all the data from every product added to the contract. This data is then passed to the Quotation Document. The Quotation is based on a Microsoft Word Master Template. This master document can be edited to take on the same style as your company, and use your company logos.

Further Changes

More detailed information about making changes to this template is available in the DriveWorks Pro Getting Started Training Manual.

Product1 Project

The Product Project is a simple example of a DriveWorks Project that could be run from within the Contract Project. It is designed to provide you with a platform to create your own individual Projects where a user can specify their requirements for each product.

There are no models associated to this Project, if required, you can import captured model data from another project. Information about this can be found here Import Captured Components.

Further Changes

More detailed information about making changes to this template is available in the DriveWorks Pro Getting Started Training Manual. This includes adding more Product Projects to this group, which will allow you to browse from multiple sub projects.

Example of where this template has been used

The Contract & Products template was used for the DriveWorks Pro Oil & Gas Industry Spotlight. You can view this project by going to https://driveworkslive.com?configurator=Demo-OilGas-Contract. This will show you how this template can be altered to fit other styles.