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DriveWorks Pro 19
Set Instance State

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Set Instance State

The Set Instance State Generation Task will set the state of an instance. An instance can be hidden or shown, suppressed or unsuppressed, deleted or switched to another configuration.

This Generation Task can only be applied to Components within the top level Assembly.


Property NameDescription
(Name)The unique name for this task.
Instance NameThe name of the component in the assembly, including its instance number.
StateThe state to set the instance to.

(Hide or Show, Suppress or Unsuppress, Delete, Configuration Name)


Property NameExample RuleExample ResultMeaning
Instance Name"Bracket " & DWSpecification & "-2"Bracket Canopy Assembly 0006 -2Will set the state of the second (-2) instance in the assembly.
Instance Order

Unlike other areas of DriveWorks where the instance number is referenced, this task is easier to implement if all instances are in order.

For example:

Instance <1> - is the first instance.

Instance <2> - is the second instance.

Instance <3> - is the third instance.

Unordered instances are renumbered, by SOLIDWORKS, when assemblies are driven.

If instances do not follow an order we recommend generating a new clone and noting the new instance numbers to be driven.

StateIf(DWVariableBracket2=TRUE, "Unsuppress", "Suppress")SuppressWill suppress the instance.
StateColorReturnRedWill swap the configuration to Red.
The configuration must exist in the component.
State"Delete"DeleteWill delete the instance.
When deleting instances the task must be placed in the Post Drive Tasks sequence.