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On Change

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On Change

The On Change property determines the name of the macro to fire when the value of the control changes.

Property Type: Static

Default Value: null

Hierarchical Reference: ControlName.OnChange

When this property has a valid Macro applied the Special Variable, Current Macro Event Argument, will be updated with information regarding the event that changed the control value.

See Current Macro Event Argument, in the topic Info: Special Variables for more information.

To Change the Default Value

Ensure the property is a static property (It will display the gray orb alongside the property name)

The default value of the static property can be changed by:

  1. Click in the property field for On Change property.
  2. Click the drop down list at the end of the property value field.
  3. Select the required Macro from the list.
    A Specification Macro must have been created for the list to be populated.


On Change Value (Static)Result
SetCurrentMacroEventArgumentWhen the value of the control changes the macro SetCurrentMacroEventArgument will run.

A rule can also be built for this property by changing the type to dynamic.

See How To: Change A Static Property To A Dynamic Property.

On Change Value (Dynamic)Result
IF(VLookup("NewValue", DWCurrentMacroEventArgument, 2, FALSE)= TRUE, "SetValue","")When the value of the controls NewValue is TRUE the macro SetValue will run.

Value set in Form Designer. Static properties can be made Dynamic by double clicking the gray radio button.