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Decodes a hexadecimal encoded string to plain text.

This function takes the Hexadecimal String and decodes it using UTF-8 encoding (unless specified otherwise).

When an Encoding name is specified the value must be a name from Microsoft - Encoding Class list (for example Windows-1252).

For delimited hexadecimal strings use the Delimiter argument to specify the delimiter character, for example hyphen (-), space ( ) or pipebar (|).


SppDecodeHexString([Hexadecimal String], [Encoding], [Delimiter])


Hexadecimal String is the The hexadecimal encoded string to decode.

Encoding (optional) is the name of the encoding to use for decoding the string.

UTF-8 encoding will be used by default. In order to successfully decode the string to plain text, the same character set used when the string was encoded should be specified.

Delimiter (optional) is the character the hexadecimal string is delimited by.


SppDecodeHexString("6C6974746C652062726F776E20666F78")little brown foxThe hexadecimal string is decoded using UTF-8 encoding.
SppDecodeHexString(DWVariableHexFromString, "Windows-1252", "-")little brown foxThe hexadecimal string is decoded using Windows-1252 encoding. Any - characters used to delimit the hexadecimal string are respected in the decoding.


The function HexFromString converts a string to hexadecimal.

See Microsoft - Encoding Class for a list of supported encodings.