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Info: SOLIDWORKS Document Manager (KB12121011)

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Info: SOLIDWORKS Document Manager

DriveWorks stores paths to captured models in its Group Database.

This includes Parts, Assemblies and Drawings.

When files are moved, DriveWorks Data Management helps to re-locate them.

This also happens automatically when a DriveWorks Pack and Go file (drivepkg) is unpacked.

SOLIDWORKS also maintains reference information in Assemblies and Drawings, which can adversely affect model generation if the files are relocated and the internal references are not updated.

To help with this, when files are relocated, DriveWorks will attempt to update the Assembly and Drawing files to ensure they reference the correct locations of their parts and sub assemblies.

To do this, DriveWorks needs access to the SOLIDWORKS Document Manager which is usually installed by default with SOLIDWORKS, but can also be downloaded and installed separately.

When installing DriveWorks, if the SOLIDWORKS Document Manager is not present, the following warning will be presented:

Installation can proceed as normal (click OK).

However, the references inside SOLIDWORKS Parts, Assemblies and Drawings cannot be updated by DriveWorks on the machine this warning was displayed.

Some DriveWorks modules do not require the SOLIDWORKS Document Manager.

If this message appears when installing a module that does not require the Document Manager or the implementation does not use SOLIDWORKS files click OK to continue with the installation.

To ensure that SOLIDWORKS references are updated correctly when relocating your files, use DriveWorks Data Management on a machine with SOLIDWORKS (or the SOLIDWORKS Document Manager) installed.

Missing or Corrupt Installations

Corrupt installations of the SOLIDWORKS document manager will display the following message when attempting to re-reference captured SOLIDWORKS models using the DriveWorks Data Management Tool.

The SOLIDWORKS installation can be repaired using the Add/Remove programs feature of Windows. Select your SOLIDWORKS installation and click Uninstall/Change

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB12121011