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CPQ Order Fields

This Template allows the addition of custom fields to store alongside an order. These can then be accessed when an Order is edited in CPQ.

This template works by having a list of Control Names and a List of Values that are stored alongside the Order. When an Order is edited, these 2 lists are recursed through, setting the values of each control as they go.

This example tutorial shows how to add a new Custom Field Project to store extra values alongside Orders.

Creating a new Order Fields Project

  1. Create a new Project from the CPQ Order Fields template.
  2. Open the Project in DriveWorks Administrator.

    The first step is to add the necessary controls to the form. Example controls are provided. These can either be modified or deleted to add new ones.

    We recommended the styling properties of the example controls are copied to any new controls.

    This example adds one new Control to the Form and edits the Value Control.

  3. Add a new Combo Box Control called OrderType.
  4. Set the following Properties on the new OrderType Control:
    Property NameRule\Value
    Caption Width120
    WidthBackground.Width - (2*DWVariableFormPadding)
    Items"Direct Customer|Distributor|Testing"
    EnabledDWConstantLockStatus = DWCurrentUserDisplayName
    List Item ColorDWVariableOnWorkspaceFontColor
    List Item FontDWVariableParagraph
    Caption FontDWVariableParagraph
    Caption ColorDWVariableOnWorkspaceFontColor
  5. Delete the NumericValue and ListValue Controls from the Form.
  6. Change the Name and Caption Properties of the Value Control to be 'OrderIndustry' and 'Order Industry' respectively.
  7. Change the Text Property of the CustomFieldsHeading Control to be
    ="Order Type Information"

Your Form should now look like this:

Now that the Form has been completed, two pieces of information are to be passed to the CPQ DriveApp Order.

  • A list of control values
  • A list of Control names (or Keys).

These two lists need to be in the same corresponding order.

Change the Specification Property rules

  1. Navigate to Specification Properties.
  2. Edit the OrderFieldsValuesList Property.
  3. Clear the rule and replace it with the following:
    OrderIndustryReturn & "|" & OrderTypeReturn
  4. Edit the OrderFieldKeysList Property.
  5. Clear the rule and replace it with the following:

The order of the two lists matches (the first instance in both lists is for the OrderIndustry Control and Value pair, and the second is for the OrderType Control and Value pair). Regardless of how many items are in the list, the orders must match up for your Template Project to behave properly.

Instruct the CPQ DriveApp to use the new Project

  1. Open CPQ Settings.
  2. Register the Project created in the above section using the 'Project to register' Combo Box under General Settings.
    Do NOT check the box for 'Is Project a Custom Item Project'.
  3. Check the check box alongside 'Custom Order Fields Project Required' under Order Settings.
  4. Select the newly registered Project from the Combo Box that appears.
  5. Hit Save at the top of the Settings Project to save the changes.

The 'Add Custom fields' option will now be available when an Order is edited.

Click this button and the form edited in the sections above will appear as a dialog.

Filling in the fields and saving the Order will store the custom fields alongside the order.

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