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How To: DriveWorks Best Practices (KB12121019)

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DriveWorks Best Practices

This section will give tips on the best way to setup a DriveWorks project.

Where To Store DriveWorks Data

Please see Info: Where To Store DriveWorks Data for information on where to store the data associated to a DriveWorks implementation.


When starting a DriveWorks implementation a group must be created. DriveWorks supports two types of group.

  • Individual
  • Shared

This article discusses the two types of groups Info: Individual And Shared Groups.

Specification Name and Path

The Specification Name AND Path should be unique for each specification created (including child specifications)

See Specification Settings for information on how these settings are applied.

Each specification should be located in its own folder by setting the Specification Path rule. This is because DriveWorks places a copy of the files that store the rules and the user form data so the specification can be modified or copied at a later date.

Model Generation

There are 3 methods of generating models with DriveWorks Pro

  • On Demand - This is done while creating a specification in the SOLIDWORKS task pane. During specification the Model Generation button at the top of the task pane will become the Preview button, enabling temporary models to be created based on the data entered into the DriveWorks specification form.

The Preview button is the button on the left (above)

  • Manual Queued - This is done when creating a specification in the SOLIDWORKS task pane, or through a DriveWorks module that allows new specifications to be created (Administrator, User etc.). Once the final specification form is reached the buttons at the bottom of the form will display according to the specification flow (Finish and Release will be seen when using the default specification flow). Clicking the button to release the specification to have models generated (The Release button for the default specification flow) will allow the resulting models to be listed when the Model Generation button in the DriveWorks task pane of SOLIDWORKS is clicked.

The Model Generation button is the button on the left (above)

  • Automatic Queued - Exactly the same as Manual Queued but model generation is managed by DriveWorks Autopilot. The models will be seen in the Model Generation queue of Autopilot.

Model Generation differences

For information on how each model generation type differs please see Info: Model Generation Behavior

Model Generation Error Handling

The article Info: Model Generation Behavior gives information on the steps DriveWorks will take to generate a model, based on its current state.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB12121019