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DriveWorks Pro 22
Kiosk Mode (for User)

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Kiosk Mode (for User)

Kiosk Mode gives DriveWorks User the ability to run a Specification full screen without any DriveWorks UI (header bar, command bar, task list and notification area).

Kiosk Mode Security

Kiosk Lock Enabled

Check this option to enable Kiosk Mode for DriveWorks User.

Lock Pin Number

Enter a PIN number that will be used to unlock the screen.

Leaving blank will bypass the lock screen.

Lock On Cancel/Transition

Check this option to automatically lock the screen when the Specification is Cancelled or Transitions from a running state.

Kiosk Mode Customization

Lock Screen Logo

Browse to an image file to use as the Lock Screen Logo.

Leaving blank will use the default DriveWorks logo.