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DriveWorks Pro 20
Camera Effects

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Camera Effects

DriveWorks has additional camera effects that can be added to the Default Camera or a Camera Entity inside a DriveWorks 3D Document. These camera effects, or post effects, are rendering techniques that can be applied after the main scene has been rendered.

Post effects can add further realism to a scene.

WebGL 2.0 support required. When using camera/post effects in a browser, your browser will need to support WebGL 2.0. WebGL 1.0 does not support the method used to run these camera effects.
For more information on WebGl 2.0 browser support, check WebGL Report.

Camera Effects

The following camera effects are available in DriveWorks.

Ambient Occlusion

Environment Ambient Occlusion

Camera Ambient Occlusion


Environment Bloom

Camera Bloom


Environment Vignette

Camera Vignette

Depth of Field
Image of robot arm with Depth of Field

Environment Depth of Field

Camera Depth of Field

Screen Space Reflections

SSR Comparison

Screen Space Reflections