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How to: Create and Install a Group Template

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How to: Create and Install a Group Template

Using Group Templates ensures consistent UI and integration across multiple projects within the template, removing repetitive tasks that would usually need to be completed inside each Project. Group Templates can be used, for example, when a new subsidiary has been acquired and there is the need to automate the whole product line.

The file extension for Group Templates is .drivegt

Creating a Group Template

Follow the steps below to create a Group Template:

The Group Template should contain all reference images and relevant master documents, .driveprojx and .drivegroup files which will form the basis of a Group Template. Include any additional files that would be required to display a functional description, when displayed in the New Group wizard, also adding a reference to the XML schema if required.

  1. From the File Explorer locate, select and open the Group Content folder in your DriveWorks Project.
  2. In the Group Content folder add an info.xml file.
  3. Next, in the Group Content folder create a new folder and rename it as, Description.
  4. In the Description folder now add an index.html file.
  5. Update both, the info.xml and the index.html to reflect your Group Template.
  6. Create a drivepkg using the Pack and Go Tool in Data Management
  7. Once you have completed this, select and rename the .drivepkg file extension to .drivegt

Your DriveWorks Group Template will be available and ready to install.

Installing a Group Template

If a template is not displaying in DriveWorks after being installed, check that the installer or version of DriveWorks is the one currently being used, as templates are version specific.

If there is an error in the templates data it will not display.

  1. Double-click on the new .drivegt file and the DriveWorks Install Template wizard will automatically launch.
  2. Choose whether this template should be made available to either the Current User or for Everyone (who has access). Click Next.

  3. The DriveWorks Install Template wizard will then launch and complete the task to install the template for the

    users selected.

Uninstall a Group Template

To uninstall a Group Template please follow the steps below:

  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to the folder where "Templates" are stored in DriveWorks.

    Local Disk>ProgramData>DriverWorks>[version number]>Templates>Groups

  2. From the "Groups" folder, select the template you want to uninstall.
  3. Right-click and select "Delete" or press the "Delete" key on your keyboard.

The deleted Group Template will now be uninstalled and no longer available.