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How To: Move an Individual Group (KB12121028)

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This document provides information on moving an Individual Group and all of the associated data belonging to any project within the group.

It is highly recommended that a backup be taken of any data that is being moved, so that it can be restored to its original location in the event of any issues that could occur while data is being moved.


The process of moving an individual group will generally resemble the following:

  1. Backup the group.
  2. Move the individual group using Windows Explorer.
  3. Reconnect all DriveWorks applications to the moved individual group
  4. Update the DriveWorks Project Data within the group.  

Before you begin

If the purpose of the move is simply to locate the data in a more convenient location follow the instructions outlined in the remaining steps of this article.

If, however, the intention of the move is to allow other DriveWorks applications to connect to the group the Individual Group should be upscaled to a Shared Group (see Group Upscale).

The article How To: Deploy DriveWorks Pro provides information on where each DriveWorks application should be installed.

Backup the data

When moving a DriveWorks group it is essential a backup is taken to ensure the data can be restored if needed.

See How To: Backup an Individual Group for more information.

Move the Individual Group

Once the Group and Project files have been backed up they can be moved. Ensure all DriveWorks applications and SOLIDWORKS, that could be accessing the group, are closed prior to moving.

Next simply locate the group file using windows explorer and move to the new location.

Update the DriveWorks Project Data

If the individual group has been moved from a local drive onto a network location the project data will require to be updated. For information on updating the references to the DriveWorks Project Data please see Data Management.

If the DriveWorks Project Data is also required to be moved please see the article  How To: Move DriveWorks Data.

Update Recent Group List in the DriveWorks Applications

When the GroupName.drivegroup file has been moved the Group button and the Recent Group list on the DriveWorks Today home screen will require updating. To update the Group Button follow the steps below:

  1. Open DriveWorks Pro Administrator.
  2. Click the Group Button
  3. From the Open\ Create Group wizard select Open an existing Group. Click Next.
  4. Select Individual Group. Click Next.
  5. Click Browse and browse to the GroupName.drivegroup file. Click Open from the browse window and click Finish in the Open\ Create Group wizard.

The Recent Group list on the DriveWorks Today home screen will automatically update on completion of the above steps.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB12121028