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CPQ Order Details

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CPQ Order Details

This CPQ Order Details template allows a user to add different account information for an order.

Additional information could be added at this point as well, but we recommend using the Order Fields template instead.

This guide explains how to modify the template to use an Alternate Account rather than a CPQ account (this could be used to connect your CRM Accounts to a DriveWorks CPQ Order).

Create a new Order Details Project

  1. Create a new Project from the CPQ Order Details template.
  2. Open the Project in DriveWorks Administrator.
  3. Go to the Form Design tab.

    Rather than creating a new control for the Alternate Accounts, simply modify the existing Account Combo Box from the Template.

  4. Select the OrderAccount Combo Box.
  5. Edit the Items Property of the Combo Box.
  6. Modify the rule to look like the following:
    |Account 1|Account 2

    The value from the control needs to be passed into the AltAccount field of our Order. This is passed into the Order DriveApp via a Specification Property.

  7. Go to Specification Properties.
  8. Cut the rule from the NewOrderAccount Specification Property. This rule should now be blank.
  9. Edit the rule for the NewOrderAltAccount Specification Property and paste the rule cut from above.

    If a new control had been created (rather than editing the existing one), pass in the value from your new control into the NewOrderAltAccount Specification Property.

    We recommend storing an Id value also, rather than the Accounts name in the Order. To do this, simply build a rule in the NewOrderAltAccount Specification Property that results in the Id (from a CRM system for example) of the Account to link to the Order.

    The last thing to do is to ensure that when an Order is edited, the value stored for the Alt Account is shown in the OrderAccount Control. This is being done using a Macro called DriveControls. This Macro sets all Control Values when you first load the Project as a Specification.

  10. Go to Specifications Macros.
  11. Edit the Macro called DriveControls by selecting from the tree.
  12. Edit the Control Value property of the Drive Control Value Task called SetOrderAccount
  13. Set this rule to be:

    This Constant is populated by the Order DriveApp when an Order is edited. You may need to perform some additional functions on this Constant, if, for example, you are storing an Id value and want to find the corresponding Account Name in your CRM system. In this case we are storing the Account name in the Order, so we don’t need to do anything else.

Instruct the CPQ DriveApp to use the new Project

  1. In the CPQ DriveApp, click the Settings icon and select CPQ Settings.
  2. Select the Orders tab and check the check box alongside Alternate Order Details Project Required.
  3. Select the newly created Project from the Combo Box that appears.
  4. Click Save to save the changes.

This Project can now be used when creating new Orders. Please also note that all old Orders will now use the template.

If you have used normal CPQ Accounts in the past, you should leave the OrderAccounts Control in the Projects, and create a new Control for AlternateAccounts.

You can then control the visibility of each control dependent on whether or not the OrderAltAccount Constant is empty (it will be empty for all old Orders which used CPQ Accounts).