DriveWorks Pro 18: Run Macro In Host Specification [send feedback...]

Run Macro in Host Specification

This task will run a Specification Macro in the Host Specification.

This task will only run in Specifications that are being hosted through the Specification Host Control. Perform actions in the Host when a Specification Macro is run in the Hosted Specification.

Specifciations being run in a Specification Host Control know who their Host Specification is. Therefore the Specification Host Control name doesn't need to be specified.


Property NameDescription
Macro ArgumentProvides an optional argument to the macro.
Macro NameThe name of the macro to execute in the host specification (when this specification is being hosted in a specification host control.
TitleChanges the Title (not the name) of the task.


PropertyExample RuleExample ResultMeaning
Macro Argument450450450 will be passed into the Special Variable DWCurrentMacroArgument and can then be used in the Host Specifications rules.
Macro Name"Set Control Value"Set Control ValueThe name of the Specification Macro to run in the Host Specification. Set Control Value will be run in the Host Specification.

Using the Task in a Specification Macro

This task has different types of Outputs. For more information about Outputs see Specification Macros Task Node.

Outputs are only available within Specification Macros. Currently Outputs are not available for Specification Flow.

Status Outputs

This task does not currently support Status Output Navigation.

Please check the Specification Report for details of Success/Warnings/Failure.

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