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Specification Details

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Specification Details Module

The Specification Details module displays the available outputs for a selected specification.

Editing a Specification

A user can edit (transition a specification from a paused state to a running state) a specification in a new tab in their browser.

This allows specification details to still be viewed, in the original tab, but any operations or transitions will be disabled.

Once the tab holding the specification in edit is closed the relevant operations or transitions will become available again.

Image Gallery (Corporate Skin)

The Corporate Skin displays an Image Gallery which automatically populates with any images as soon as they are created.

By default the module will display the Image Gallery.

Any image files, produced by a specification, will be populated in the gallery as they are created.

To disable the Image Gallery, follow the steps below.

Editing the Module

The module can have the following settings applied (Corporate Skin only):

  • Hide Image Gallery- Default value is unchecked (Image Gallery is displayed).

To access settings for the Specification Details module:

  1. Start Personal Web Edition or DriveWorks Live and Login when the Login page appears in your browser.
  2. Navigate to the History (Specification) page that contains the module to be edited.

    The URL will be: http://localhost:8020/History/Specification Name

    At least one specification must exist in the group to access this page

    Spaces in Specification Names will be replaced with %20

  3. Switch to Admin Mode.
  4. Locate the module on the web page and click the Edit Link in the top right corner of the module.
  5. Check the option to Hide Image Gallery.