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How To: Install DriveWorks From A Command Prompt

The DriveWorks installer supports numerous command line parameters that modifies or alters how it runs.

Windows Command Prompt

  1. Open the Windows Command Prompt (Go to Windows Start menu and enter cmd).
  2. In the Command dialog, browse to the location of the DriveWorks installation file.
  3. Type the required installation command and hit return.

Installation commands

The installation command must be prefixed with the name of the installation file in quotes, for example:


Command names are not case sensitive. /Uninstall is the same as /UNINSTALL as well as /UnInStaLL
UninstallSpecified that DriveWorks should be uninstalled, this is the equivalent to right clicking and selecting "Uninstall" in Programs & Features in Windows./uninstall
SilentsSame as Quiet.1/silent /repair
RepairSpecifies that the current installation should be repaired. This is the equivalent to right clicking and selecting "Repair" in Programs & Features in Windows./repair
QuietqSpecifies that no UI should be shown for the installer. The installer will automatically take the appropriate action, considering other specified arguments./quiet /uninstall
NoRestartSpecifies that the installer should not prompt to restart the computer, if a restart is deemed necessary by the installer./norestart
ModifySpecifies that the current installation should be modified. This is the equivalent to right clicking and selecting "Modify" in Programs & Features in Windows./modify
LoglSpecify the path to the log file the installer will create./log C:\Temp\MyInstallLog.txt
LayoutPrepares the installation, and downloads any required files to the given optional path. Note that DriveWorks currently does not need to download anything, rendering this command pointless. The result therefore will be the same as running /install/layout D:\DriveWorks\PreparedInstaller
InstallPerforms a normal installation (This is the default)./install
ForcefForcibly close all application that prevent setup from running (This is required If you have the live synchronization server running, and want to perform a silent installation)./force
ExtractxExtracts the bundled Windows Installer MSIs from the bootstrapper to the given directory, or the same directory as the bootstrapper if no path was specified. This is only required for advanced deployment scenarios where MSIs are required. All users are encouraged to use the combined bootstrapper whenever possible./x C:\Temp\DWExtracted
ScheduleWill allow installation to resume after a reboot.
This is useful if your DriveWorks installation required the .NET framework to be installed.

If this happened your PC would likely require a reboot before continuing the DriveWorks installation.

1 The command prompt must be launched with elevated (administrator) privileges to perform a silent installation.

Right click on the command prompt launcher and select Run as administrator.

Installation features

The table below shows which features are installed when using the specified installation command.

DriveWorks Pro (Clients)DriveWorks Pro (Network)Common Components
Installation CommandAdministratorUserAutopilotLicense ManagerLivePro ServerData Management ToolDocumentationLicense Management Tool3D Export for SOLIDWORKS
/install installfeatures="clientfeatures"YYYYY
/install installfeatures="serverfeatures"YYYYYYY
/install installfeatures="driveworksadministrator"YYYY
/install installfeatures="driveworksuser"YYYY
/install installfeatures="driveworksautopilot"YYYY
/install installfeatures="driveworkslicensemanager"YYYY
/install installfeatures="driveworkslive"YYYY
/install installfeatures="driveworksproserver"YYYY
/install installfeatures="datatoolfeature"YY
/install installfeatures=*YYYYYYYYYY
Multiple features can be installed by separating each with the pipebar.

See Examples below for more information.


"InstallDriveWorksPro-[version].exe" /silent /installInstalls Admin, User, Data Management, Group Upscale, License Manager.
"InstallDriveWorksPro-[version].exe" /silent /install /scheduleInstalls Admin, User, Data Management, Group Upscale, License Manager.

Will continue the installation after rebooting if .NET has been installed during the first install.

"InstallDriveWorksPro-[version].exe" /uninstallUninstalls DriveWorks
"InstallDriveWorksPro-[version].exe" /install installfeatures="driveworksadministrator"Installs Admin, Data Management, Group Upscale, License Manager.
"InstallDriveWorksPro-[version].exe" /install installfeatures="driveworksadministrator|driveworkslive"Installs Admin, Data Management, Group Upscale, License Manager and Live.
"InstallDriveWorksPro-[version].exe" /silent /uninstall /forceUninstalls DriveWorks silently and forcibly closes any applications that prevent it running.
"InstallDriveWorksPro-[version].exe"/install installfeatures=* /log c:\DWLog\InstallAll.txtInstalls all DriveWorks modules and creates a log file.

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