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DriveWorks Pro 21
Combo Box

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Combo Box

The Combo Box displays a drop down that contains items from which a selection can be made.

When the Form Control is applied the name entered will display as the caption for the Form Control. This can be changed by selecting the Caption property.

When an item in the Combo Box is selected the Form Control reports the exact item as it appears in the Control.

Items are added to the Control from the Items property. Use the pipebar (|) to separate each item, for example:

"Item A|Item B|Item C"

Finding An Item By Matching Characters

It is possible to find an item in the list by beginning to type characters of the item you wish to find. The list will then jump to the section of the list to match the characters you have typed.

To do this simply start typing the characters of the item you want to find at a steady constant speed.


Appearance PropertiesBehavior Properties
Background ColorClear Selection Allowed
CaptionDefault Value
Caption ColorEnabled
Caption FontError Result
Caption Horizontal AlignmentItems
List Item ColorSelected Item
List Item FontSelected Item (Override Rule)
Selected Item Removed Behavior
Tab Index
Macro Argument
On Change
General PropertiesLayout Properties
(Metadata)Caption Width
Tooltip DurationTop
Tooltip TextWidth